Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap

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A highly efficient male body scrub soap made with Bran and Oatmeal

Thoroughly cleanses skin and facilitates the exfoliation of dead surface cells
Made with natural oat bran, oat kernel and pumice to help alleviate roughness on tougher areas such as elbows and heels
Refreshing scent to invigorate the senses

How to Apply:
-Gently massage body with bar to cleanse and help relax fatigued muscles
-Not formulated for use on face


Oat bran
Oat Bran is a species of cereal grain whose seeds are extracted from the outer casing of the oat. It is believed to be an excellent skin-soother and conditioner, while aiding in the exfoliation of dead skin, thus encouraging growth of new skin cells.
Oat Kernel Meal
The outer layer of the oat kernel is a solid source of dietary fiber, an excellent natural exfoliant, and absorbent of surface oil. Oat Kernel Meal is known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Pumice is a rock of volcanic origin formulated with silicates of aluminum and alkali metals and used as an abrasive and a bulking agent. This natural exfoliant helps remove dead and rough skin, for a smoother, fresher surface feel.

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